1. Tell your story / marketing
  2. Educational – record your office training programs – (“how to’s” and “what is’s” for consumers)
  3. Introductions
  4. Inform your prospects – be OF VALUE
  5. Stay in touch
  6. Communicate with your staff
  7. Replace or substitute for meetings
  8. Advertise
  9. Follow Up / Incubate
  10. Farming

For any of these uses there are some universal things to remember:

DRESS to impress – not just what you are wearing but your posture sitting or standing. Your hands – trim those nails, trim facial hair including ears and noses. You never know HOW big your HD face will be displaying. Blemishes – take care of them.

NOISE – keep it down, will ya? If you are recording in office, make sure you have a sign on your door or alert the entire staff at least a day ahead of time if you are filming the entire office for marketing purposes or “B” roll.

Set aside the time so you are not rushed. RELAX! Have water nearby between takes. Who knows, you may get so good at this, you can slam through 10 short videos in an hour and leave the rest to the editor.

If others appear in the video, you’ll need a model release for them to sign or email to you – just in case. Keep them in a file with the date and their names.

Let’s take these items you can do with video one at a time:

  1. Tell your Story. This is for marketing of you as the agent, or of your office, if you are the broker. These are usually professionally shot, unless you have someone on staff with a lot of experience. This requires more planning and scripting. Keep it to two minutes or less. The goal is to show you are successful, respectful, knowledgeable and the best solution for them to turn to for either buying or selling their property. The script is critical so you stay on track and don’t repeat yourself. You can always edit out, but it’s best to do it as close to final as possible.
  2. In-house educational and training. This is a HUGE time saver as everyone has different schedules and things come up all the time. This allows your team to watch as often as they’d like and whenever it is convenient. If these are about policies, make sure you have a way to hold them accountable for learning the material. Some have a quick survey about the material to see how much they retained to complete the course. Some states even offer payroll tax credit for continuing education and training of staff. You need to keep track of those hours. Check with your CPA or Tax Analyst about this as it relates to payroll tax and state laws.
  3. Greetings and Salutations. An email from a relative unknown or completely unknown person is usually met with a quick glance and DELETE. If you had a video and included a still from the video that shows your smiling, professional face, they will be more apt to click and watch it. You should also tell them it’s only 30 seconds. YES – 30 – KEEP IT SHORT! You just want to warm them up to receive another email or call from you. This allows them to put a face with a voice and a name.
  4. Be of VALUE to your prospects. You are the smarty pants in the area on all things real estate. Share that experience, save them from mistakes, be OF VALUE to them before you even contact them directly. If you do this, you want to upload your video to YouTube and give good helpful descriptions, add to a playlist and then EMBED the video on your site in a Buyer’s Guide or Seller’s Guide or Tips area. Make sure people can subscribe to your YouTube channel at the end of your video using cards and on your blog/site so they get more tips and you are able to reach out to them again.
  5. Stay in Touch. These short updates can include market updates in specific neighborhoods or the area in general. These are timely – not evergreen, but can pack a wallop! These are ideal for Facebook, YouTube and your site. You may even mention the state championship for the local high school if they qualified, something PERSONAL so they know you pay attention to the area. These can be 2-4 minutes. Stay on track – use a script to highlight the points you want to cover. Use this type of video to alert them as to any local regulation changes that may affect homeowners. Show them you have their back!
  6. Communicate with your staff. Save them time. Update them on the market weekly, any policy changes in the office, anything they need to be aware of with strategic partners, congratulated people, and other staff only announcements. Make sure to be upbeat and keep a consistent format for these. 2-3 minutes should do it.
  7. Replace in-person meetings. Depending on where you staff lives, the weather, vacation schedules, you can make a remote meeting possible using a tool such as Zoom.us. We prefer it over Go-To-Meeting hands down! You can have up to 25 people in the meeting on camera or just give them the number to call in. This can save a lot of time and you can even record it for your own follow up later or to share with those who were not available. Consider the paid version to allow you cloud storage space. It’s so much easier to share and get another person to help edit, if you need to, rather than remembering to rename and upload somewhere for only staff to see. This is also where Vimeo comes in handy – password protect, new password each week. Change all passwords if staff changes. or have one password always and change as needed. It’s up to you.
  8. Advertise. HANDY item to have a 15, 30 and 45 second commercial you can add at the end of a podcast replay, share on Facebook, use for local cable, etc. Sometimes chambers of commerce have advertising opportunities, you may be able to add your video to your profile or buy space on their site. You can also use it for local strategic partner interviews – 2-3 minutes. Your favorite landscape company, your favorite title or loan company, etc.
  9. Follow-up/Incubate. You won’t close them on the first contact. It can take more than a dozen. So, while you have their attention, and they know your name, why not give them valuable tips for them as the buyer or seller? What about things coming up in the area. These can be soft sell videos to continue to show your value, your knowledge of the area and your profession.
  10. Farming – this is an entire topic on its own. This goes along with follow-up and incubate and being of value. The best and only really worthwhile farming (mailer) piece has always been the: “Recent Neighborhood Activity” Card, Neighborhood specific recent sales and listings.Imagine if it was done in a two minute video format instead by email – just like we do it in the $300k per year on one hour a day system but with linked or attached to the email! What if you also used a DRONE to show them their neighborhood? So much better – you can show them the comps with the pictures of the houses while you talk about them and most importantly:
    “You are talking to them.” They are getting the information while seeing your face and listening to your voice!
    They are 6 to 10 times more likely to remember you!


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