When combining the new technologies along with the changes in consumer behavior, any agent can now leverage both of these items to efficiently achieve higher production in less time than ever before. Anyone can now become a 100+ transaction per year agent with this understanding.

It’s easier to be a 100 transaction a year agent now more than ever.

Direct contact is a quarter what it used to be.

2 transactions per week. 20 hours per transaction. It is possible.

Financial comfort zone: You can still stay in your zone if you do it right.

What will agents not do? PROSPECT. Let’s do the Lead Generation for them. If they don’t understand the change in the buyer behavior, it won’t work. It’s your job to teach them the changes in the market and buyer behavior. They have to be willing to change how they do things. They have to embrace technology. You can show them how, but they won’t do it unless they know WHY they are doing it.

Why is this possible:

  • Industry has changed.
  • Time requirements have changed.
  • Methodology has changed.
  • Technology is driving the changes.

All of these changes can make agents more efficient.

RIO Genesis is committed to bringing you the un-franchise solution: the best tools, training and technology without the headaches, restrictions and cost of a franchise. We are your partners for real estate success.

FBS: Creating 100+ Transaction per year agents
FBS: Creating 100+ Transaction per year agents
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