This is the most amazing listing system ever created – it is rarely taught as most folks will never share it! Here is the entire system with the script and methods, and all of the tips and tricks. Most importantly it really works! Feel free to use both the Video and the linked PDF of the presentation to teach this to your agents.

It was a great system then – it’s an even easier system now! The tough part back then was the follow-up. It was tricky and time consuming – think ROTARY dial phones. Now the follow-up portion can be automated. This system now only requires one hour per day!
04:13 -Automated Listing Leads:
No one has truly come up with an automated system for obtaining listing leads. Any company claiming it at the time of this post is LYING.

  • Social Media: Difficult to do at volume – no actual contact – still low results.
  • Mailing Programs (farming): Long term, expensive, low response.
  • Social Networking: Still most productive, but again, limited by time and number of social contacts (real friendships) you can maintain.

06:00 The real problem is that most real estate agents socialize with other real estate agents.

07:00 Number One Problem with all Listing Lead Programs:  NO PERSONAL CONTACT

  • Social Media: No personal contact
  • Farming: Mailers, postcards, letters, ads. No personal contact.
  • Social Networking: All personal contact – but not scalable.

08:45 Best and most effective system is: Personal Contact at Volume “Hybrid System” because we know that the best way to get personal contact: COLD CALLING. There is only one problem: COLD CALLING SUCKS.

10:00 We all know Cold Calling works – so why don’t we all do it?

  • 13:00 Rejection – Fear, shame, diminished self-esteem.
  • 14:51 Mentally Draining – Cold calling for hours on end becomes difficult and is ineffective.
  • 16:56 Low Success (conversion) rate discourages us.
  • 17:50 Ego – It is beneath us. Get over it, get your agents over it.

Some of the rest of the highlights are time-stamped below:

  • 19:41 Script
  • 21:00 Objection Questions
  • 24:00 Positive Response
  • 27:30 The Appointment
  • 38:00 Value
  • 39:38 Results based on 100 calls per week.
  • 43:00 When to call & schedule appointments
  • 44:50 Follow up
  • 52:38 Drip Campaigns
  • 55:00 This is a Pipeline
  • 01:00:00 Misc. Tips & Tricks
  • 01:10:00 Why this works so well.

The PowerPoint was exclusively available for the live attendees of this presentation. But, we’re happy to share the PDF with you.

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FBS: $300K per year on 1 hour per day
FBS: $300K per year on 1 hour per day
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