How To Successfully Grow A Renewable And Scalable Real Estate Business

Mike Krein, NRBA President and CEO of RIO Genesis, is one of the most successful real estate brokers in the industry. In this interview with MOD CEO Daniel Ramsey, he

Why Must I Train My Real Estate Agents?

It's very important to have well trained staff and agents working in your office. Many real estate brokers shy away from investing the time and resources in training real estate

How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Real Estate Business

Instagram is very important for real estate agents to use for marketing and generating seller and buyer leads. Use this video as a guide to how to best use Instagram

How do you incentivize your agents? Q&A with Mike Krein:

Mike Krein takes questions from Jennifer Clark, Broker with Glory International Real Estate Company in Orange City, Florida Real Estate Question and Answer: How do you incentivize your agents? Especially

Hiring a Manager – Part 1

This is the first half of where we go into detail of how to find, hire and pay the right office manager in your office. We can't stress enough how

Weekly Office Sales Meetings Are A Must

Weekly sales meetings are one of the three traits of a successful office, along with a culture and real estate agent recruiting program. This is really part of both! Did you

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