How To Successfully Grow A Renewable And Scalable Real Estate Business

Mike Krein, NRBA President and CEO of RIO Genesis, is one of the most successful real estate brokers in the industry. In this interview with MOD CEO Daniel Ramsey, he

How To Use Facebook To Successfully Grow Your Real Estate Business

Facebook has over 2 billion daily users. It's no secret that real estate agents should use Facebook marketing to generate business. Use this video as a guide on how to

Why Must I Train My Real Estate Agents?

It's very important to have well trained staff and agents working in your office. Many real estate brokers shy away from investing the time and resources in training real estate

Prepare for HUD 3.9: Part 2

This is the SAME information as before with HUD 3.7 - but we are starting over again, folks. Watch both parts. Being a HUD “Local Listing Broker” (LLB) is one

20K Per Month Profit With a BPO Department

Build a profit center by establishing a BPO Department in your brokerage. If you set this up properly, you could clear $20,000 per month profit - no selling required. If you

Prepare for HUD 3.9: Part 1

HUD 3.9 is Rolling Out. You want these contracts. Some things have changed since the last HUD LLB contacts were awarded. Here's what you need to know: Sources Sought has

Mike Krein’s Rule of Sevens for Real Estate Success

Let's start here: Work ON your business, not IN your business. There are seven days in a week - pick ONE: This is the day you will do the above, work

Should you add property management to your real estate business? Q&A with Mike Krein

Mike Krein takes questions from Jennifer Clark, Broker with Glory International Real Estate Company in Orange City, Florida Real Estate Question and Answer: Should you add property management to your

HELOC-ageddon is here, just as Mike predicted.

The topic of HELOC-ageddon - the easiest listings you'll ever get. Mike has been telling us for nearly two years. There was a lengthier show on The Power is Now

Get in Position for the Next REO Wave – Part 3

What happens if interest rates rise? If interest rates rise, many home buyers are going to be priced out of the market.

How to Profitably Use Online Home Auctions with Tom Lazarro

Mike Krein interviewing Tom Lazarro of SellState Alliance Realty - A top producer agents and broker/owners in Colorado. He's an NRBA (National REO Brokers Association - learn more >) Member for

Get in Position for the Next REO Wave – Part 2

Mike Krein recently taught a course at REOMAC. This is part two of what he covered. Learn where this correction will hit and the anticipated severity in each area. Don't

Get in Position for the Next REO Wave – Part 1

Mike Krein recently taught a course at REOMAC. This is part one of what he covered. Don't miss this next wave. The market is perfectly poised for a correction, which

Lead Generation: Why Won’t My Agents Prospect?

Real Estate Brokers are constantly frustrated by poor production among their agents due to their agent’s lack of and outright refusal to prospect. Understanding the forces that influence agent prospecting

Hey Agent – Are You Incorporated Yet?

It’s not what you make – it’s what you keep! Most of our videos here on Broker School are all about being a broker and running a real estate office,

Brokers: Get a Bigger Pie!

Getting a BIGGER PIE is one of the most important concepts that you need to understand in order to run a super profitable brokerage office. This is really the secret

Recruiting Only “Good” or “Top” Producers is a Myth!

This is probably the biggest misunderstanding and the biggest mistake most brokers make. It is also the number one excuse that brokers use for their own failure. Understanding this aspect

Number One Mistake of Real Estate Professionals

In all my years of coaching and training brokers – this is the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE I see new broker/owners make. It is also the main reason for a new

Your Agents and the Recruiting Conversation – Part 2

This is part two of this topic. In this video we explain your role and relationship with your agents as it pertains to training, production, and recruiting. Remember that your agents

How To Have A Successful Sales Meeting – Part 1

Standardized-Same formula each week Regular Schedule -- Same day and time each week Same schedule at each meeting Ideal time is about 45 minutes -- Must not go past an

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