Getting the Most Value From Conferences

Hey, it's not vacation. It's WORK. Real estate conferences are expensive, plus they take you out of your office for several days, so make sure you get your money's worth. How? First,

10 Things a Real Estate Agent or Broker can do With Video

Tell your story / marketing Educational – record your office training programs – (“how to’s” and “what is’s” for consumers) Introductions Inform your prospects - be OF VALUE Stay in

8 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Get Started with Video

A topic that others will be interested in. Someone to do the voice work, if it is for a listing - can be you. Equipment: microphone, camera, earpiece, computer/tablet/iPad/Laptop Fast

Use Email Like the Professional You Are

We all know the internet has completely changed the real estate industry. If you haven't figured that out by now, you really need Free Broker School. HOW you're using email is changing as

When to Hire a Manager

What is the biggest mistake new brokers make? “Should I hire a manager?” The real question is usually not IF but WHEN. It is about income preservation and smart business! This

Changing Face of Real Estate Brokerages

The entire industry is shifting. More new offices are opening. New offices also tend to be smaller with only 5-10 agents with less in office service - more is virtual. We've

Hiring a Manager – Part 2 Staffing Costs

This is the second half of how to find, hire and pay the right manager for your office. Your manager is actually a RECRUITER. Yep. Recruiting real estate agents is

Lead Generation: Why Won’t My Agents Prospect?

Real Estate Brokers are constantly frustrated by poor production among their agents due to their agent’s lack of and outright refusal to prospect. Understanding the forces that influence agent prospecting

Hey Agent – Are You Incorporated Yet?

It’s not what you make – it’s what you keep! Most of our videos here on Broker School are all about being a broker and running a real estate office,

Brokers: It’s Time to Change to Remain Profitable

As the real estate market continues to change, we as brokers must change with it if we wish to remain profitable. Many real estate offices never reach their true potential,

Brokers: Get a Bigger Pie!

Getting a BIGGER PIE is one of the most important concepts that you need to understand in order to run a super profitable brokerage office. This is really the secret

Recruiting Only “Good” or “Top” Producers is a Myth!

This is probably the biggest misunderstanding and the biggest mistake most brokers make. It is also the number one excuse that brokers use for their own failure. Understanding this aspect

Number One Mistake of Real Estate Professionals

In all my years of coaching and training brokers – this is the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE I see new broker/owners make. It is also the main reason for a new

Hiring a Manager – Part 1

This is the first half of where we go into detail of how to find, hire and pay the right office manager in your office. We can't stress enough how

Office Administrator – Your Key Staff Member

Understanding that your office administrator is your key staff member, and this person is the one that not only helps you make more money, but also frees up your time so you

Brokerage Office Staffing Part 1

Regardless of what everyone likes to say, real estate is not and never has been a team sport! Not at the “agent” level anyway - where we were all trained.

Brokerage Office Staffing Part 2

Regardless of what everyone likes to say, real estate is not and never has been a team sport! Not at the “agent” level anyway - where we were all trained.

Preparing for HUD 3.7 Part 1

Huge contract, ton of volume and an easy contract to run. M&M extended 3.7 to the end of May and then extended again. So you can still get in to

Preparing for HUD 3.7 Part 2

Being a HUD “Local Listing Broker” (LLB) is one of the most profitable contracts that you can ever get. It can mean dozens of new listings assigned directly to you

How to Hold a Brokerage Event

Events are actually free and easy if you know how. All large successful brokerages hold events – they are by far the most effective way to recruit and increase transactions.

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