Weekly Office Sales Meetings Are A Must

Weekly sales meetings are one of the three traits of a successful office, along with a culture and real estate agent recruiting program. This is really part of both! Did you

How To Determine Whether To Open A Brokerage

In this session of Free Broker School we discuss how to determine if you should open a brokerage. We give you a lot to consider and questions to ask yourself

Real Estate Office Communications Tech: You Need It Current.

In this session of FREE Broker School, we will discuss topics for your brokerage communication needs. Topics include: Internet Email Phone systems Efax Types Costs Record keeping Real estate tech

Agent Management and Conflict Resolution

As you grow your real estate office it is more about managing people than it is about selling real estate. Keeping your agents happy, productive, and working together becomes the

Understanding Liability and E&O Insurance

What Do I Need To Know About Liability and E&O Insurance? Many aspiring Real Estate Brokerage owners hold off on opening a real estate office as they fear liability and lawsuits. The reality

Choosing The Best Location Impacts Recruiting

Where should my brokerage office be located? Choosing an Office Location - The number two mistake brokers make. Where should I open an office? What is the best office design?

An Introduction to Fundamentals and Financials of a Real Estate Brokerage

In this exciting FREE Broker School Video Mike Krein gives you an Introduction to Fundamentals & Financials of a brokerage. These are your basic real estate tools to get you started

What is the True Value of a Real Estate Agent?

Making the transition from being an agent to being an Owner/Broker and having your own office is much more difficult than most individuals realize. It is not really about selling houses

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