This is the page to tell you who owns what and how you can use it and share it.

Pretty simple: RIO Software Solutions,, RIO Genesis are all under the same umbrella headed up by Michael Krein and RIO Software Solutions, Inc.

What you can do: You are WELCOME to embed our videos that are public, you are welcome to embed our audio only versions of any lesson. These are great weekly meeting topics and homework for your agents and team members. We encourage you to SHARE, get others to subscribe and send us emails with your feedback, questions and ideas.

You may share our library of materials – we want you to succeed. You may download as they are, use them, share them.

What you can’t do: You may NOT download, capture, record any of the video or audio files. They must remain in tact and hosted in their original location whether it be YouTube, our sites (,,, or our streaming hosting services such as Blubrry, iTunes, GooglePlay.

What you can’t do: You may NOT download and rebrand to make it look like you created the content or were that smart, or if you didn’t want people to know where you got the information. Are you that dopey? People will value you and your resources because you took the time to FIND them, filter them and share them. You will be their go-to person, so stop being paranoid and insecure! Share it, but have enough integrity to mention us, leave in our branding and if you are really cool, link back to us. If you tell us you are sharing our info – send us the link, we may return the favor and link to your content and profile if you have good news or other value tips to share!