A recap of what we are driving home in this lesson:

  1. Professionalism is important
  2. Amateurs don’t get paid
  3. First Impressions are everything
  4. Email will likely be your “First Impression”

The old 80/20 rule of real estate states that 80% of the transactions get done by 20% of the agents.

Here is another reason why 80% of agents are starving or outright fail:

80% of that remaining 80% of them don’t know how to use email correctly, or how to make a good first impression with email.

Remember – it is not always what you say but, more often, how you say it.

You may be a genius with brilliant observations and insights – but if you look and sound like an idiot – you are still an idiot. (In this case a great agent or broker) but…

And…. You only get one chance to make a first Impression and that is now most commonly by Email or other form of electronic communication.

A Brief Sidebar for Brokers…. (and any agent that actually wants to make money)

You all really need to be paying attention to this!

The most frustrating thing to a broker is spending money generating leads and then watching their agents fire the buyer (or seller) right on the phone.

That is still happening – but now they are just doing it by email instead.

Most agents are guilty of this and it is costing everyone a lot of money!

For more information on this and how to correct this problem via phone or email is up on www.freebrokerschool.com in the “Closing Series” Check out the closing lesson  “No – But I can get it!”  and then apply the same lessons to email.

Watch the video, download the lesson PDF to get all the details.

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Emails: sloppy habits are costing you money.
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