This is the second half of how to find, hire and pay the right manager for your office. Your manager is actually a RECRUITER. Yep. Recruiting real estate agents is your manager’s actual job. Start there.

With one good manager and one good OA you can carry up to 200 agents.

It’s all about units, transaction count. A Real Estate office manager will cost about $30K to $50K year plus bonuses. The bonuses come from the cash flow from the deals that come in.

Office Administrator $8-14 per hour with bonuses based on office production. This gets them all treating your business like their own. You’ll get crazy production. Bad month, no bonuses, great month, the money is there to pay them.

Change your way of thinking, and what your role is as the broker.

Understanding the forces that influence agent prospecting and production is the key to improving agent performance and overall office profitability.