On this episode of Free Broker School, we’re going to dive deeper into how to conduct a successful weekly office sales meeting. If you missed Part 1, start here! Part 2 topics include:

Potential Sponsors: Title company, builder, home inspector, lenders, insurance agent, home warranty company, etc… Cost – $4 per person

  • Find 5 or 6 places and rotate them
  • Panera, Burger King, Bagel Place, Delis, Cupcakes, Costco etc…
  • Must be finger type foods that they can take and eat at their seat or desk
  • Have coffee, tea, and juices
  • Don’t forget paper products
  • Put food out 20 minutes before meeting starts
  • Have just enough…
  • Usually sponsors will just offer a check or credit card and have you order food

FUN — Light and Jovial — Like a cocktail party

  • You set the tone
  • If you are having fun — they will have fun
  • Be flamboyant
  • Be dramatic
  • Get your agents involved in the meeting
  • Always have a surprise or activity
  • Must have a fun event or announcement (contests)
    • Interaction is key
    • Activities
    • Group activities

Informative– Always have some new tip or trick to help them make money

  • New trends
  • New markets
  • New skills
  • New tips & tricks

Compliance — keeps agents abreast of new laws and regulations

  • Try not to make this too boring
  • Handle it quickly and efficiently
  • Don’t dwell on it
  • It should have been on your handouts

Excitement — Give them a reason to be excited about their real estate careers

  • Success stories
  • Encouraging stories
  • Stupid videos from the internet

Encouragement & Belief — Keep agents motivated to stay in the business

  • Encourage your agents
  • Make them feel good that they chose a real estate career
  • Make them hopeful for their future
  • Relate it to their family
  • Success isn’t always about business and money

Be overly truthful — Tell it like it is and don’t shine on agents

  • Office gossip — Rumor Control
  • Problems and Difficulties
  • Terminations
  • Lawsuits
  • Division or Board Complaints

Remind them — Some of the best real estate recruiting ideas and leads come from your current agents. Remind them to recruit for you and help grow the office

  • Make it in their best interest not yours
  • Can be an office goal
  • Build their mentor pool
  • Offer cash bonus
  • $100 bill is fun

Finish on high notes — Contests are great for this

  • Contests
  • Participation
  • Awards

Close the meeting — and wish them well

  • Thank them for coming
  • Wish them success selling this weekend
  • Enthusiasm is contagious — ooze enthusiasm

Optional Monthly Award

  • Listing Leader
  • Sales Leader
  • Closing Leader
  • Escrow Leader
  • Top Producer By Units
  • Top Producer By Dollars

Buy certificate paper at Office Max or Office Depot, use a standard template with company logo and awards — save and edit names as needed. The point is the recognition!

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