Standardized-Same formula each week

  • Regular Schedule — Same day and time each week
  • Same schedule at each meeting
  • Ideal time is about 45 minutes — Must not go past an hour
  • Must always end on time
  • Have a printed agenda
  • Raffle or door prizes
  • Handouts — Current news articles or legal briefs
  • FOOD — Must have free food!
  • FUN – light and jovial — Like a cocktail party
  • FUN — Must have a fun event or announcement (contests)
  • Informative — Always have some new tip or trick to help them make money
  • Compliance — Keeps agents abreast of new laws and regulations
  • Excitement — Give them a reason to be excited about real estate and their careers
  • Encouragement & Belief — Keep agents motivated to stay in the business
  • Be overly truthful — Tell it like it is and don’t shine your agents on
  • Remind them to recruit for you and help grow the office
  • Finish on a high note — Contests are great for this
  • Close the meeting and wish them well

Further explanations:

Have a printed agenda

• Keeps everyone on track (yourself included)
• It lets people know what to expect (very important)
• Same Template and format each week (save and edit)

Handouts — Current news articles or legal briefs

• Keeps people informed
• Give them something to read and discuss while they are waiting for the meeting starts
• Saves you from having to talk about boring things that they should know
• Sources: Inman News, RIS Media, etc (set up Google Alerts for keywords or topics)
• Real Estate Division or Realtor Board flyers and postings

Have a guest speaker

• Usually whoever brought the food!
• Have them speak for no more than 8-10 minutes
• 5 minutes Q&A

Regular Schedule — Same day and time each week

• Wednesday or Thursday morning 9am sharp

Sample Schedule

  1. Welcome everyone to the meeting (1 minute)
  2. Introduce any new agents or visiting agents (potential recruits) — Have them stand up and tell everyone about themselves (About 1 minute each person)
  3. Quickly go over the agenda and let everyone know what you will be discussing on this meeting (1 Minute)
  4. Introduce your guest speaker and thank them for the food they brought (everyone usually applauds – about two minutes)
  5. Guest Speaker — (10 Minutes) including Q&A
  6. Legal or legislative (5 Minutes)
  7. Market and or news updates (5 minutes)
  8. Company changes — Good or Bad — Overview (2-5 minutes)
  9. Awards and Recognition (5 minutes) optional — Monthly Awards
  10. Contests (5-10 minutes)
    11. End o a high note (1 minute)


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