Mike Krein, NRBA President and CEO of RIO Genesis, is one of the most successful real estate brokers in the industry. In this interview with MOD CEO Daniel Ramsey, he talks about how he built very successful REO and retail real estate businesses. In his career of over 30 years, he personally listed and sold over 25,000 single-family homes. He had 7 offices with over 400 agents, averaging 14.7 transactions per agent. He’s also owned and franchises and regions for franchises.

Mike talks about why REO is so important to have alongside any retail real estate business. It is the only renewable source of income in the industry. He goes into why he built RIO Genesis to help real estate agents be more efficient and work smarter instead of working harder. Be sure to watch the entire interview because he gives a lot of keys to having a more successful real estate business than the rest.