Sales Closing: The most important close of all.

The MOST important close of all and should be taught first to ALL agents, sales people AND customer service representatives. "No, but I can get it." This is the absolute basic

Sales Closing: Defer and Forget

With this close, you learn about the "Defer and Forget, or Let Me Make a Note of That." First tip: Carry a legal pad/folio with you. Nothing digital can really

Sales Closing: Last Resort

WARNING: This video has one word of profanity 5 times. If you are sensitive to this, please skip this video. It's part of this technique, and is required for this

Sales Closing: Ben Franklin

Ah, the Ben Franklin. Not Mike's favorite, but one you should know and understand because there is a time and place for it. Cons: It takes too long Limited capacity

Sales Closing: Just ask already!

Listen, you can circle around, poke at the heart of the issue, sit around and wait, or you can just get to it and ASK ALREADY. Most people in sales aren't closing

Sales Closing: Assumptive Close

This is exactly what is sounds like – just keep right on going on the assumption they are going to buy, list, or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

Sales Closing: Jump-shift – Switching Topic

Sales Closing Series: Jump-shift aka Switching Topic Change the subject. One of the goals with this series is for you to not only become a better closer, but a faster one as well. This

Sales Closing: Hat in Hand aka “Level With Me”

Sales Closing Series: Hat in Hand "Level with me." The key with this close: be humble. This type of close is effective when a client is upset, you've made a mistake,

Sales Closing: Direct Order

Sales Closing Series: Direct Order A direct order in a closing situation is, in essence, telling the other party what you want them to do. It's that simple. You may

Sales Closing: Sharp Angle aka Trade-off

Sales Closing Series: Trade-off aka Sharp Angle Get ready for the Sharp Angle and Trade-off Closes. Keep in mind - Sharp Angle isn't always the best approach with real estate,

Sales Closing: Trial Balloon

Sales Closing Series: Trial Balloon Not to be confused with "Trial Close," this type of close is deployed when you are trying to gauge if the client is ready to close.

Sales Closing: Questions are the Answer

Sales Closing Series: Questions are the Answer Questions are the Answer, also known as, "In your opinion..." is a twist on uncovering the reason behind an objection. Big takeaway: don't

Sales Closing: Porcupine

Sales Closing Series: Porcupine Mike Krein's favorite: the Porcupine. They are productive, versatile, and can get you to the real issue. Turn a negative around using this technique. Get to

The Magic Conversation

Sales Closing: The Magic Conversation "Sometimes the best way to sell something is to let somebody buy it." ~Mike Krein Not doing this basic, but essential closing practice may be

Sales Closing: Tie Down

Sales Closing Series: The Tie Down The "Tie-Down" close is a scenario when you're setting your client up for a "yes" answer. "Yes" gets your one step closer to Close.

Sales Closing: Alternative of Choice

Sales Closing Series: Alternative of Choice "Alternative of Choice" is also known as "the appointment setting close." Why? If you want a deal, you need a client. Mike Krein discusses how

Sales Closing Series: Series Overview

All About Closing: The Series We're introducing you to this series on how to become a rock star closer. Closings are what make you successful, right? But how do you become

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