Prepare for HUD 3.9: Part 2

This is the SAME information as before with HUD 3.7 - but we are starting over again, folks. Watch both parts. Being a HUD “Local Listing Broker” (LLB) is one

Prepare for HUD 3.9: Part 1

HUD 3.9 is Rolling Out. You want these contracts. Some things have changed since the last HUD LLB contacts were awarded. Here's what you need to know: Sources Sought has

Should you add property management to your real estate business? Q&A with Mike Krein

Mike Krein takes questions from Jennifer Clark, Broker with Glory International Real Estate Company in Orange City, Florida Real Estate Question and Answer: Should you add property management to your

Hey Agent – Are You Incorporated Yet?

It’s not what you make – it’s what you keep! Most of our videos here on Broker School are all about being a broker and running a real estate office,

An Introduction to Fundamentals and Financials of a Real Estate Brokerage

In this exciting FREE Broker School Video Mike Krein gives you an Introduction to Fundamentals & Financials of a brokerage. These are your basic real estate tools to get you started

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