Have you heard about banks getting into property management? Q&A with Mike Krein

Mike Krein takes questions from Jennifer Clark, Broker with Glory International Real Estate Company in Orange City, Florida Real Estate Question and Answer: Have you heard about banks getting into

Let’s Talk About the Love-Hate You Have for Your Agents

The truest statement in this industry for a Broker / Owner is “ All of my problems can be solved by recruiting” Understanding who the agents now are and what

Hiring a Manager – Part 1

This is the first half of where we go into detail of how to find, hire and pay the right office manager in your office. We can't stress enough how

Agent Recruiting – the Lifeblood of Your Office – Part 1

The lifeblood of any successful real estate company is and always has been recruiting! This 2 part video delves deeply into the types of agents, which ones are profitable to

Brokerage Office Staffing Part 1

Regardless of what everyone likes to say, real estate is not and never has been a team sport! Not at the “agent” level anyway - where we were all trained.

Agent Management and Conflict Resolution

As you grow your real estate office it is more about managing people than it is about selling real estate. Keeping your agents happy, productive, and working together becomes the

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