20K Per Month Profit With a BPO Department

Build a profit center by establishing a BPO Department in your brokerage. If you set this up properly, you could clear $20,000 per month profit - no selling required. If you

Prepare for HUD 3.9: Part 1

HUD 3.9 is Rolling Out. You want these contracts. Some things have changed since the last HUD LLB contacts were awarded. Here's what you need to know: Sources Sought has

Hey Agent – Are You Incorporated Yet?

It’s not what you make – it’s what you keep! Most of our videos here on Broker School are all about being a broker and running a real estate office,

Brokers: It’s Time to Change to Remain Profitable

As the real estate market continues to change, we as brokers must change with it if we wish to remain profitable. Many real estate offices never reach their true potential,

Brokers: Get a Bigger Pie!

Getting a BIGGER PIE is one of the most important concepts that you need to understand in order to run a super profitable brokerage office. This is really the secret

Agent Recruiting – the Lifeblood of Your Office – Part 2

The lifeblood of any successful real estate company is and always has been recruiting! This 2 part video delves deeply into the types of agents, which ones are profitable to

Hard Core Truths to Real Estate Numbers

What do you really know about the Real Estate Market? This is not the normal “fluff” that you are constantly being flooded with. Hold on to your hats! What is

An Introduction to Fundamentals and Financials of a Real Estate Brokerage

In this exciting FREE Broker School Video Mike Krein gives you an Introduction to Fundamentals & Financials of a brokerage. These are your basic real estate tools to get you started

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