Realtor Scam Warning: Here’s the latest.

We have to beware of scams in the real estate industry, especially as REO brokers attempting to get business from asset managers. As the players have changed in our segment

Amazon Enters Real Estate space – Who is next?

Mike Krein discuses Amazon's new affiliate partnership with Realogy in launching a home buying program. TurnKey, the pilot program offers complimentary home services, valued between between $1000 and $5000 ,

Q&A With Mike Krein: Why Did You Start Free Broker School?

Q&A with Mike Krein We're introducing a new feature here at Free Broker School: Q&A with Mike Krein! In this series Mike is taking questions from real estate managers and brokers

Destination Broker – Every agent has one.

In this lesson you'll learn what is Destination Broker and what is A Destination Broker. You'll also learn how you can become one. What is Destination Broker It's not a

Millennials’ Effect on the Real Estate Market

Millennials represent a significant amount of real estate transactions and they are also the key to the entire 3-step real estate cycle. Successfully capture the millennials and you can leverage

Real Estate Office Communications Tech: You Need It Current.

In this session of FREE Broker School, we will discuss topics for your brokerage communication needs. Topics include: Internet Email Phone systems Efax Types Costs Record keeping Real estate tech

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