Should you add property management to your real estate business? Q&A with Mike Krein

Mike Krein takes questions from Jennifer Clark, Broker with Glory International Real Estate Company in Orange City, Florida Real Estate Question and Answer: Should you add property management to your

HELOC-ageddon is here, just as Mike predicted.

The topic of HELOC-ageddon - the easiest listings you'll ever get. Mike has been telling us for nearly two years. There was a lengthier show on The Power is Now

Brokers: It’s Time to Change to Remain Profitable

As the real estate market continues to change, we as brokers must change with it if we wish to remain profitable. Many real estate offices never reach their true potential,

Recruiting Only “Good” or “Top” Producers is a Myth!

This is probably the biggest misunderstanding and the biggest mistake most brokers make. It is also the number one excuse that brokers use for their own failure. Understanding this aspect

Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan? (BCP)

One of the most overlooked items for most brokers is a Disaster Recovery Plan – also known as a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or your "HIT BY A BUS" plan.

Hiring a Manager – Part 1

This is the first half of where we go into detail of how to find, hire and pay the right office manager in your office. We can't stress enough how

Agent Recruiting – the Lifeblood of Your Office – Part 1

The lifeblood of any successful real estate company is and always has been recruiting! This 2 part video delves deeply into the types of agents, which ones are profitable to

Hard Core Truths to Real Estate Numbers

What do you really know about the Real Estate Market? This is not the normal “fluff” that you are constantly being flooded with. Hold on to your hats! What is

Office Administrator – Your Key Staff Member

Understanding that your office administrator is your key staff member, and this person is the one that not only helps you make more money, but also frees up your time so you

Brokerage Office Staffing Part 2

Regardless of what everyone likes to say, real estate is not and never has been a team sport! Not at the “agent” level anyway - where we were all trained.

Preparing for HUD 3.7 Part 1

Huge contract, ton of volume and an easy contract to run. M&M extended 3.7 to the end of May and then extended again. So you can still get in to

How to Hold a Brokerage Event

Events are actually free and easy if you know how. All large successful brokerages hold events – they are by far the most effective way to recruit and increase transactions.

Your Agents and the Recruiting Conversation – Part 1

In this two-part video we explain your role and relationship with your agents as it pertains to training, production, and recruiting. Remember that your agents are constantly being bombarded with

How To Have A Successful Sales Meeting – Part 2

On this episode of Free Broker School, we're going to dive deeper into how to conduct a successful weekly office sales meeting. If you missed Part 1, start here! Part

How To Have A Successful Sales Meeting – Part 1

Standardized-Same formula each week Regular Schedule -- Same day and time each week Same schedule at each meeting Ideal time is about 45 minutes -- Must not go past an

How To Determine Whether To Open A Brokerage

In this session of Free Broker School we discuss how to determine if you should open a brokerage. We give you a lot to consider and questions to ask yourself

Real Estate Office Communications Tech: You Need It Current.

In this session of FREE Broker School, we will discuss topics for your brokerage communication needs. Topics include: Internet Email Phone systems Efax Types Costs Record keeping Real estate tech

Agent Management and Conflict Resolution

As you grow your real estate office it is more about managing people than it is about selling real estate. Keeping your agents happy, productive, and working together becomes the

Understanding Liability and E&O Insurance

What Do I Need To Know About Liability and E&O Insurance? Many aspiring Real Estate Brokerage owners hold off on opening a real estate office as they fear liability and lawsuits. The reality

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