Amazon Enters Real Estate space – Who is next?

Mike Krein discuses Amazon's new affiliate partnership with Realogy in launching a home buying program. TurnKey, the pilot program offers complimentary home services, valued between between $1000 and $5000 ,

Prepare for HUD 3.9: Part 2

This is the SAME information as before with HUD 3.7 - but we are starting over again, folks. Watch both parts. Being a HUD “Local Listing Broker” (LLB) is one

Tips to leverage your real estate license.

Leveraging Your Real Estate License! As real estate agents and real estate brokers you think you know all about leveraging real estate property. You may know a lot, but that's

Brokers: It’s Time to Change to Remain Profitable

As the real estate market continues to change, we as brokers must change with it if we wish to remain profitable. Many real estate offices never reach their true potential,

Number One Mistake of Real Estate Professionals

In all my years of coaching and training brokers – this is the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE I see new broker/owners make. It is also the main reason for a new

Hard Core Truths to Real Estate Numbers

What do you really know about the Real Estate Market? This is not the normal “fluff” that you are constantly being flooded with. Hold on to your hats! What is

Millennials’ Effect on the Real Estate Market

Millennials represent a significant amount of real estate transactions and they are also the key to the entire 3-step real estate cycle. Successfully capture the millennials and you can leverage

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