How The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Affect Real Estate Depreciation & Cost Segregation

This webinar discusses information that you as real estate agents and brokers should all be familiar with regarding 2018/2019 tax reform. It’s important that you can advise your clients on

Realtor Scam Warning: Here’s the latest.

We have to beware of scams in the real estate industry, especially as REO brokers attempting to get business from asset managers. As the players have changed in our segment

How to use LinkedIn for success in Real Estate

Successful realtors use LinkedIn to generate more leads and new business. LinkedIn is the most popular B2B social networking platform there is. It is increasingly becoming imperative that real estate

Realtors, An “As-Is” Addendum Can Save Your Ass

Every real estate deal should have an "as-is" addendum. Mike Krein talks about some of the trouble he's seen when there was not an addendum, the consequences of not having

How To Use Facebook To Successfully Grow Your Real Estate Business

Facebook has over 2 billion daily users. It's no secret that real estate agents should use Facebook marketing to generate business. Use this video as a guide on how to

Why Must I Train My Real Estate Agents?

It's very important to have well trained staff and agents working in your office. Many real estate brokers shy away from investing the time and resources in training real estate

How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Real Estate Business

Instagram is very important for real estate agents to use for marketing and generating seller and buyer leads. Use this video as a guide to how to best use Instagram

Amazon Enters Real Estate space – Who is next?

Mike Krein discuses Amazon's new affiliate partnership with Realogy in launching a home buying program. TurnKey, the pilot program offers complimentary home services, valued between between $1000 and $5000 ,

Email: Sloppy habits are costing you.

A recap of what we are driving home in this lesson: Professionalism is important Amateurs don’t get paid First Impressions are everything Email will likely be your “First Impression” The

Sales Closings: Reduce to the Ridiculous

One of my FAVORITE “CLOSES” ...because it almost always works. Typically used to bring a buyer up in price to make the deal. Sometimes to get the offer. Only works

Sales Closing: The most important close of all.

The MOST important close of all and should be taught first to ALL agents, sales people AND customer service representatives. "No, but I can get it." This is the absolute basic

Sales Closing: Defer and Forget

With this close, you learn about the "Defer and Forget, or Let Me Make a Note of That." First tip: Carry a legal pad/folio with you. Nothing digital can really

Sales Closing: Last Resort

WARNING: This video has one word of profanity 5 times. If you are sensitive to this, please skip this video. It's part of this technique, and is required for this

Sales Closing: Ben Franklin

Ah, the Ben Franklin. Not Mike's favorite, but one you should know and understand because there is a time and place for it. Cons: It takes too long Limited capacity

Sales Closing: Just ask already!

Listen, you can circle around, poke at the heart of the issue, sit around and wait, or you can just get to it and ASK ALREADY. Most people in sales aren't closing

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